5 Benefits of an Organic Garden

Eating the sustainable way

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of agricultural chemicals used in fertilizers and pesticides which can result in various diseases and illnesses, including cancer. As a result, many people are moving towards the purchase of vegetables that have been grown organically. However, buying organically branded produce can be very expensive and as such, one could benefit from growing their own produce at home.

The Benefits

“How much is your organic tomato from the supermarket? ”

1. An organic garden is cheaper in the long run as opposed to buying vegetables from the market. Remember, vegetable prices from the market also vary with the season; however, your own vegetables don’t.

2. You can always be sure of the products that you used to grow your vegetables.

3. It is a way of starting a new and interesting hobby

4. An organic garden offers an aesthetic value to your home

5. It is convenient to pick vegetables from your backyard rather than leaving the house to go to the shop.

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