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What is our Mission
& Vision?

Our Mission is to equip children with attitudes, values, knowledge and skills necessary to rethink, change current and future patterns of action in order to ensure healthy, just and sustainable futures for all.

Our Vision is to achieve the goal of global sustainability by positively influencing, shaping and teaching tomorrow’s leaders, professionals and innovators.


Our Curriculum 

Provide the children with new  insight and knowledge on different elements of the environment and nature.


Our Curriculum

Allow the children to learn new skills that can contribute to environmental as well as their own personal well-being.

Organic Garden

Hands-on Activities

We have set up an organic/kitchen garden in the establishment we are working at where the children have the responsibility to take care of the garden. We will be setting up a kitchen garden in each establishment we engage with.

silhouette photo of trees

Our Story

Who We Are

Eco Moran is an initiative that focuses on providing wholesome, informative, interactive, and enjoyable environmental education to disadvantaged and marginalized children specifically between the ages of 6 and 12. “Moran” is a Maasai word that means “Warrior”.

 We believe that in order to achieve the goal of sustainability, we should majorly focus on children as they are the future of the world we hope to see: a green, self-sustaining world.  However, a lot of the materials and teaching methods provided in regard to education for sustainable development are tailored for adults and youth with very little effective content for children. As EcoMoran, we have created a fun, interactive, and hands-on curriculum for children so that at the end of the day the values they learn are ingrained in their minds and will determine how they go about certain situations in whatever career/ professional path they want to take or choose.​

As  Eco Moran, we center the learning experience around the 5 pillars of sustainability, that is,  Food, Ecology, Water, Energy, and Waste; at the same time helping the children to understand the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals.  That considered, the themes include the following: Wildlife conservation and protection, Ecosystem protection and restoration, Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change and Global Warming, Waste Management, Plastic Pollution, Renewable Clean Energy, and Recycling .

We have currently completed 2 phase projects at Martha Care Children’s Home and Msamaria Mwema Children’s Home.

Eco Trips

As part of the learning experience, we aim to take the children on short trips (excursions, hiking etc.) where they can appreciate nature and experience first-hand the importance of nature as a build-up to what they have learnt during our sessions.  

We had our first Eco-Trip with the children from Martha Care Children’s Home on 7 August 2021. The children went on a nature hike in the bamboo forest at Nderi in partnership with the hiking community, Let’s Drift.

Eco Trips

The children (aged 5 – 12 years) learn about the 5 pillars of sustainability: food 🥑, ecology 🌳, waste🗑️, water 💦 and energy💡. We aim to build a culture of sustainability and self-reliance in children’s homes and teach the children skills and attitudes to live sustainably for the health of people and the planet.

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