Martha Care Children’s Home

From January – August 2021, Eco Moran carried out a 7-month-long informal environmental education placement at Martha Care Children’s Home in Gathiga, Kenya, which is home to 18 children primarily between the ages of 2 and 18. Our target group was children between the ages of 5 and 12.

During our time at Martha Care, the children learned about composting and set up an organic garden within the compound growing onions, coriander, bell peppers, kale, spinach, and tomatoes. One of the children’s teachers from Gathiga Primary School supported us in setting up the garden.

The children also learned about their living environment on land and on water and learned about different professions within the conservation field. They learned about the impacts of plastic on the environment and took part in the 2021 Litterathon Plastic Clean-Up, which is a yearly continental clean-up initiative in Africa organized by the U-Recycle Initiative. The children carried out a community clean-up in their home area of Gathiga and sensitized community members about the effects of plastic pollution. Eco Moran was recognized by the U-Recycle Initiative for this work.

As part of the lesson on water conservation and healthy eating, the children learned how to make organic plant milks (oat and coconut milk) at home. This activity was facilitated through a partnership with Green Thing Kenya, a low-waste and sustainable-living shop.

Furthermore, the children went on an eco-trip to the KEFRI bamboo community forest in Nderi, Kikuyu as part of the lesson on biodiversity protection and conservation and as a way for them to interact with and appreciate nature. The trip was organized in collaboration with Let’s Drift, an eco-sustainable hiking community in Kenya.

As part of the wrap-up activity for the 7-months spent at Martha Care, Eco Moran organized an Eco Fun Day at Martha Care Children’s Home involving games, art, music, and a lottery quiz to test what the children had learned over the months we spent at the home. We also invited collaborators for a mentorship session with the children to provide a space where the children could ask questions about various future careers that they could consider. The mentors practiced varying professions from IT professionals to lawyers, conservationists, farmers, entrepreneurs, and teachers.

Finally, Eco Moran held a fundraiser and raised Ksh 64,000 which was used to pay the school fees of 11 of the children at Gathiga Primary School for an entire year as well as cover the balance of Ksh 12,000 for one of the children who was in her third year of high school.

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