Msamaria Mwema Children’s Home

From January – July 2022, Eco Moran carried out a 6-month-long informal environmental education placement at Msamaria Mwema Children’s Home in Wangige, Kenya, which is home to 40 children primarily between the ages of 3 and 19. Our target group was children between the ages of 5 and 12. Over 6 months, we taught the children about the 5 pillars of sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals.

During our time at Msamaria Mwema, the children learned how to compost and carry out sack gardening. As Msamaria Mwema also raises various animals at the home such as geese, pigs, turkey, and chickens, the children were able to use the waste produced by the animals in the composting process.

Using art and crafts activity sessions, the children learned about ecosystem protection and conservation, in particular wildlife conservation and ocean conservation. Through film and animation, the children learned about the various species of animals on land and in the water with a specific focus on Kenya’s fragile terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, including the dangers of poaching and plastic pollution.

The children also carried out a clean-up activity of their surroundings and used discarded plastic to create artistic pots for the plants around the home.

As part of the Eco Moran curriculum to take the children out on an Eco Trip, the children went on a hike to the beautiful tea fields of Tigoni, Limuru in collaboration with Let’s Drift.

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